Trees For Life


Trees for Life is a program that gives thousands of olive trees to farmers starting out, as well as smaller farmers and those whose trees or lands have been destroyed by Israeli forces. Since 2006, the project has planted over 100,000 trees!

Grassroots support:  A number of solidarity commuities sell tree sponsorships and work directly with the PFTA. The Trees for Life project is solely funded by grassroots movements abroad and solely invested in the Palestinian fair trade movement in Palestine.  This project helps offset the enormous destruction of olive trees by the Israeli occupation army in Palestine.

Olive and Almond trees: Palestine is known for olive trees. There is another tree in Palestine that has been cultivated for centuries, and shares the rocky terraces with the olive tree, and that is the Almond tree. Palestine has grown superb almonds for centuries, our sun and rich soil is perfect for almonds known for their large size, crunchy texture and sweet flavor.. PFTA womens cooperatives shell them for pressing or sun drying, and the almond husks are ground and used as nutritous flour for bread and biscuit making. Nothing is wasted in Palestine!

Canaan is growing a world market for almonds from Palestine. Almonds are used as ingredients for other foods, or are pressed fresh into almond oil for cooking and cosmetics.  Companies like Lush Cosmetics, and Swiss Air are using Palestinian almonds from Canaan.  Our farmers fly high!

How you can help: You can support Trees for Life and plant olive trees and almond trees in Palestine.  Consider planting trees to commemorate Earth Day.  They make great gifts that give twice!  Please visit The Land of Canaan Foundation website to donate trees for Palestine.  Our farmers thank you.  Together, we keep Palestine alive.


Trees for Life started in 2005 and is administered by the Palestine Fair Trade Association, with the support of Canaan Fair Trade and our olive oil distributors around the world, like US Campaign, On The GroundZatoun, The Olive Coop, Jewish Voice for Peace, and Alter Eco. The project plants thousands of olive trees in Palestine every year. Besides its development aspect, this program helps connect the Palestinian farmers and producers in the fair trade movement in Palestine to the grassroots fair trade movement in Europe and North America.

How it works:  A committee of PFTA farmers implements and administers the program.  Growers must qualify for lots of 25-50 trees. They must have suitable land, the capacity to nurture the trees, fields prepared for planting immediately upon delivery, and a commitment to fair trade practices.  Priority for trees goes to small farmers, young farmers with inherited or acquired land, landed women interested in farming, and farmers who have lost trees to the occupation. Trees are planted between Tree Day, January 15, and Land Day, March 30. The ritual of planting symbolically connects growers to their international supporters and the international fair trade movement. 

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