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Za'atar (thyme)

  • The signature spice blend of Palestine, delicious on tomatoes, meat, fish, eggs, and labne cheese.
  • Organic thyme grown near Nablus by 22 women farmers on small plots is picked, meticulously cleaned and dried.
  • Za'atar is thyme blended with roasted sesame seeds, ground sumac and a touch of salt. Ours is processed by a PFTA women-owned cooperative in Al-Jalama.
  • Olive oil, za'atar and fresh-baked bread is the daily breakfast in Palestine.
  • Za'atar keeps indefinitely refrigerated or frozen.

Quantity/Size: 65g box in case of 12, ships from NJ

Price: $60.00



Flame-roasted Freekeh - now certified organic

NEW! Our prices now include delivery.
  • Freekeh is the traditional flame-roasted green wheat of Palestine.
  • It cooks up firm and chewy and is filling with a distinct earthy taste and subtle smokiness.
  • Freekeh has three times the fiber of brown rice plus more vitamins and minerals. 
  • Green wheat is harvested in spring, sun dried and flame roasted, then rubbed and cracked. 

Quantity/Size: 250 gram box, case of 12

Price: $72.00



Organic Maftoul (couscous)

  • Authentic Palestinian couscous hand rolled with whole wheat flour,
  • Wholesome flavor and firm texture, totally unlike any couscous you have tried before.
  • Our women-owned cooperatives begin with organic wheat that is boiled, sun-dried and cracked, hand rolling it in ground whole wheat flour, then steaming and sun drying it.

Quantity/Size: 250g box in case of 12

Price: $72.00