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A Palestinian social entrepreneur from Jenin, living in Madison Wisconsin,

Rather than give up our land, farming families began organizing themselves into cooperatives. We reached out to food lovers and activists across the Globe. And we began to pioneer new ways of doing business that would bring the products of our homeland to a global audience, and allow us to keep farming and nourishing the land that has belonged to us for generations. Canaan Fair Trade and the Palestinian Fair Trade Association were born.


In 2003, Palestinian farming was in crisis. Farmers were selling a kilo of olive oil for 7-9 sheckles, but it was costing them 11 to 12 sheckles to produce. Families that had been farming the land for generations--some as long as one thousand years--were being faced with the tough choice of losing money, or giving up their farms.


Canaan Fair Trade now works with an extended network of more than 1,700 small farmers through 43 separate cooperatives. Additionally we work with 5 women's cooperatives producing products ranging from za'ataar (thyme) - the signature spice blend of Palestine, to sundried tomatoes, couscous and olive oil soap. All producers are joined in one union, the PFTA. We are a trusted supplier of olive oil to major international companies including Equal Exchange, Dr Bronners Magic Soap, Salisbury and The Cooperative (UK), and Coop (Denmark).


In 2009 we opened our leading-edge processing facility in the village of Burqin, outside Jenin. The 3600 square meter facility features a nitrogen-fed Alfa-Laval olive press, Italian-made stainless steel storage tanks, an automated bottling facility, and a visitors center that has hosted dignitaries from around the world. We welcome international visitors all year, and for our annual olive harvest festival in November.