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Organic and fair trade farming are second nature to us because of Palestine's ancient traditions of low-impact cultivation and equitable trade. Trust requires transparency, so our products are also certified Organic and Fair Trade by IMO – the Institute of Marketecology in Switzerland. Canaan is a member of the Palestine Fair Trade Association and the Fair Trade Federation.  See our certifications under About Us.


Canaan guarantees a fair price to farmers and producers, including an Organic premium. We require that farm workers and workers at processing points (such as presses and mills) are paid fairly and provided with healthy and safe working conditions.


Canaan Paletine works with 52 olive oil producing cooperatives, with 2,000 farmer members across the West Bank. We also work with six women-owned cooperatives to produce artisan food products such as sundried toma­toes, maftoul (couscous) and za’atar. We reinvest part of our profits back into the local producing communities: material support and education on fair trade practices, farming, and quality-assurance procedures. We give back one percent of our purchases, split betwen the producing co-op and the Palestine Fair Trade Association, with a a matching one percent to the farmer. We facilitate workshops and educational materials about Fair Trade, organic farming and quality standards.