Meet Producer Communities


Canaan believes that Fair Trade is about connecting people across the globe in a spirit of equity, trust and openness.  We measure our success by the extent to which we can effect positive change in the lives of the people we work with.  Fair trade is about community. 

Each of the thousands of families that are part of Canaan has a story to tell. Fair trade is meaningful to each family in different ways. Perhaps its most notable impact is in creating hope and transforming the lives of the remarkable growers and communities that we work with. Below are a few profiles of our producer communities that will help you get a window into the lives of the communities that produce the delicacies offered by Canaan.

To find out more about creative ways you can help fair trade Palestinian communities write the Palestine Fair Trade Association.


Village of Burqin

Anza Village

Village of Faqu'a

Nus Ijbail Village

Village of Al Taybeh

Village of Alaraqa

Village of Deir Ballout

Village of Jalqamous

Village of Kufr Rai

Village of Jalameh

Village of  Al Syleh

Village of Rameh

'Anin Village

Village of Sanour

Village of Ti'nik

Stories and photos by Vivien Sansour with support from Belgian Trade Center