Meet our farmers


Canaan believes that Fair Trade is about connecting people across the globe in a spirit of equity, trust and openness.  Canaan has embarked on a three year project to interview and photograph members of all the over 50 PFTA cooperatives, both farmer and women's cooperatives, that we partner with.  Below are just a few of those profiles. We hope you enjoy meeting our farmers. 


Abu ‘Asim
Olive Oil Producer,
'Asira Al Shamaliya

Abu Fadi Amin
Olive Oil Producer, Al Rami

Abu Adnan Abed El Salam
Olive Oil Producer, Faqua

Rwada Kader
Olive Oil Producer, Nos Ijbeel

Mustafa and Shafaq Jarar
Olive Oil Producers,
Jarar Family Farm

Abu Saleh Hasan Elwakid
Olive Oil Producer, Alaraqa

Abu Ra’fat Odeh al Qadi
Olive Oil Producer,
Mazara' Al Noubani

Ahmed Abu Salama
Olive Oil Producer, Faqu'a

Mahmoud & Ayman Nasser
Olive Oil Producers, Skaka

Haj Bashir Habaybeh
Olive Oil Producer, Sanour


Karam Family Farm
Olive Oil Producers, Jalqamous

Khadir Khadir
Olive Oil Producer. Nus Ijbail


Each of the thousands of families that are part of the Canaan project has a story to tell. Fair trade is meaningful to every family in so many different ways. Perhaps its most notable impact is in creating hope and transforming the lives of the remarkable growers and communities that we work with.

Stories and photos by Vivien Sansour with support from Belgian Trade Center