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Farmers & Community

Learn more about the 1,700 small farmers who produce the delicacies we sell.

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Interfaith Program

Canaan's Interfaith Program links Faith, Fundraising, and Fair Trade in Palestine

Canaan Palestine's Interfaith program allows US faith communities and peace groups to purchase our outstanding olive oil products and fine foods and sell them for fundraising.

To inquire or register as an Interfaith Partner, contact our outreach coordinator: or call 360 907 4729.

Learn about the Interfaith Partnership Program - Information here

Frequently asked questions about Interfaith Partners - See FAQ here.  

Click here to get Info Sheets about all Canaan's organic, fair trade products from Palestine.

Fundraising discount:  Groups that become Interfaith Partners receive a 20 percent discount on their Canaan purchases. Many groups hold bazaars, fairs or fair trade sales in their faith communities. Fundraising earnings go toward the projects they suport. Pricing above the discounted purchase cost of Canaan products provides significant funding for the projects that you care about and want to support: feeding hungry people, helping a hospital in Gaza, providing micro loans to women, encouraging alternative travel, or building schools.

National partners: As an Interfaith Partner you may designate one of Canaan's National Partners to receive a gift from Canaan, a percent of your purchases, at the end of the year. This way, the order placed by your faith community helps Palestinian farmers, funds your congregation's projects, and also supports an important organization. This is an extra benefit provided by Canaan for you and a Partner. See the links of our National Partners (below). 

Friends of Sabeel -North America (FOSNA)

Interfaith Peace Builders (IFPB)

American Friends of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem (AFEDJ)

Episcopal Peace Fellowship - Palestine Israel Network (EPF-PIN)