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Learn more about the 1,700 small farmers who produce the delicacies we sell.

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Canaan Palestine USA distributes Canaan’s products to a wide network of food co-ops, fair trade stores, specialty stores, community organizations, churches and solidarity groups in the United States. All Canaan products are certified fair trade. Most are certified organic. Type your zipcode in the "Find Canaan Locally" button at left to find your closest Canaan supplier. You can also find Canaan Palestine products through our partners.

Canaan Palestine's Interfaith Program is for faith-based communities who raise funds through fair trade sales. These organzations serve as an incubator for both fair trade and good works. 

You will also find a list of Solidarity Partners, national organizations that sell Canaan products and support Palestinian fair trade farmers.

When you order from the websites of our Affiliate Partners, a portion of your order gives back to the partner organization, as well as supporting Palestinian farmers on the ground. 

We showcase some innovative ways our USA Canaan community members have made a difference by Building Bridges on the ground in Palestine.

We invite you to Visit Palestine during the olive harvest or another time of year, to meet our farmers and share in this Palestinian success story.

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