Green Track Palestine


Let's Fuel Agriculture

Canaan Center for Organic Research and Extension (CORE) is announcing a new community project called Green Track Palestine (GTP). This is a grassroots campaign to convert Palestinian farmers' tractors to run on vegetable oil, specifically used falafel oil which is plentiful in the Palestinian market.

This project will be environmentally responsible, support a renewable resource rather than the petrochemical industry, enhance waste management of used oil from push carts and restaurants, and most importantly, free the farmers from dependence on costly fuel for a lifetime. Finally, something good can come out of eating deep fried foods!

CORE will purchase conversion kits

CORE will import conversion kits for specific tractors engines from a German company. Engines will be converted to run on vegetable oil (or diesel as an alternative). CORE will purchase the kits, provide them to farmers, and arrange for installation locally. The farmers will apply to receive a vegetable oil conversion kit through CORE with assistance from the Palestine Fair Trade Association.

Canaan will filter the used oil

Canaan Fair Trade will filter the used oil and supply it to farmers at cost. The oil will be collected by Canaan from participating push carts and restaurants throughout Palestine using a supplied blue barrel. The barrel and the pick-up will be at no charge, which should save disposal fees for the participants. The Canaan pickup truck will also be converted to vegetable oil.

Grassroots participation

Individuals and organizations can participate in making this a reality and giving Palestinian farmers a lifetime of economic and environmental freedom and independence by converting a tractor or purchasing part of a conversion. A tractor conversion costs $2500 for the kit and associated program costs.

Levels of participation are:
    •    $2,500 Green Tractor Grantor #101 (conversion number)
    •    $1,000 Green Horsepower 1000 Partner
    •    $500 Green Horsepower 500 Shareholder
    •    $250 Green Horsepower 250 Supporter
    •    $100 Green Horsepower 100 Sponsor

Shares will come with a certificate of thanks. Purchases will be combined to fund tractor conversions. Funding an entire tractor conversion will put the actual tractor number on the certificate, so it is possible to visit the farmer and tractor in his village in Palestine. The shares are available from The Land of Canaan Foundation website.

Consider using GTP on your wedding registry, as Rita and Brian did.  Write us for more creative ideas on how to help Palestinian farmers.