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Farmers & Community

Learn more about the 1,700 small farmers who produce the delicacies we sell.

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Environment, Community & Sustainability


The essence of organic agriculture is working with nature, rather than
against it. By focusing only on crops, not soil, conventional farming
depletes the earth’s inherent abundance. Only by keeping our environment
healthy can we truly have sustainable agriculture. Yet if we nourish the
soil without respecting the human beings who farm it, then we are still
compromising our future. By combining a Fair Trade structure that works
on all levels of our community with organic practices, we hope to serve as a
model for genuine sustainability.


Around the globe, development agencies are spending hundreds of millions
of dollars to ‘modernize’ traditional communities. Yet these efforts are
failing, often creating even more conflicts. In contrast, at Canaan, the
net result of our sustainable practices is a capacity to enrich the world
by sharing our traditions while vigorously participating in the modern
economy. We do this through selling products rooted in our soil and in our
culture. This is a way to make traditional communities self-sustaining and
productive. It creates a world where prosperity is shared while the richness
of individual cultures is sustained.