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Canaan 7 Year Impact Study

Researching Canaan's Impact...

We see that the lives of our farmers are improving because of fair trade. We think we are making a difference in the Palestinian communities in which we source our products. But how, where, and on what scale?

Canaan Fair Trade has released an impact study with the support of the Belgian Government Trade for Development Center (BTC). This study assesses the first seven years of Canaan’s initiative to empower small and marginalized Palestinian producer communities caught in the midst of conflict by examining all facets of the initiative, including its organizational structure, education and training programs, production, pricing, marketing and sales, community empowerment projects, and relationships with local and global partners. 

Although this study primarily focuses on how Canaan has moved small scale farmers in Palestine from a position of vulnerability to a position of economic security, it also considers Canaan’s impact on women who are emerging as an active participant in Canaan’s activities by way of the women co-ops and their leadership within the Palestine Fair Trade Association (PFTA), as well as other sectors in Palestine, including local and international partners such as suppliers, distributors and solidarity groups. Canaan will use this report to inform its current business practices and partnership with PFTA so that it can better serve Palestinian producer communities and continue to provide leadership within the global fair trade movement.