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Building Bridges

Outstanding sales! Neil Snarr is a champ in sale of olive oil 

Canaan Fair Trade has presented Neil Snarr of Wilmington, Ohio, a certificate in honor of over $10,000 in sales of organic and fair trade Palestinian olive oil since 2007. Ten olive trees will be planted in Palestine in his name.

Neil says, “Aside from the benefits of fair trade in opening up the world to the Palestinian farmers, this is excellent olive oil. I hear, even from Italians with their own olive oil tradition, that 'this is the best olive oil I have ever tasted.”


2016 EDUCATIONAL CONFERENCES organizanized by our interfaith partner
FOSNA (Friends of Sabeel - North America)

Taste Canaan Fair Trade olive oil and experience great speakers and workshops at these regional educational conferences in 2016: 

Justice for Palestine: Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions, Santa Cruz, Calif., April 29 - 30, 2016

A unique 2-day event seeking an end to the illegal occupation of Palestine through nonviolent strategic action. Come partake in workshops run by local activists aimed at enacting BDS campaigns in your city.


Three winners of the Fair Trade Essay Contest at George Fox University were all  Palestinian university students (L-R) Haneen Sami Al_Ayasi (Arab American University), Arren Amer Abo-shhaddh (AN-Najah National University), Neveen Habaybeh (Al-najah University).