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Farming is year round in Palestine.  Every month, every season has its delights and beauty.  Check back for the yearly calendar of what to see and do on a farmstay with a fair trade farmer, and write to plan your visit!  

Past tours give examples of the experiences available to agri-tourists through Canaan 

Join our Canaan Fair Trade Harvest Tour  Nov 1- Nov 8, 2014.  Take part in picking and pressing the olives you enjoy so much!  See beautiful and ancient Palestine.  Experience the culture, heritage, history, cuisine and the amazing hospitality of the Palestinian people. Tour your way from Ramallah to Jenin, passing through Taybeh, Deir Ballout, Nablus, Sebastia, Nusf Jbeil, 'Anin and Burqin. Stay in different villages with farm family hosts and beautiful guest houses.  Visit historical, archeological and religious sites, ancient cities, and hike the amazing landscapes. Spend a full day in the busy and historical city of Nablus, and learn how to cook delicious Palestinian food.  Visit Canaan's village cooperatives and women's cooperatives, enjoy the Olive Harvest Festival and a half day hike and picnic lunch in the hills of Jenin. Folk dancing, singing and bonfires till after dark, it's the Jaru'a! Please fill out the application here and send it to us at:  Deadline for submitting applications is October 10, 2014.


Photos from our 2012 Fair Olive Harvest tour on Facebook:  Album 1, Album 2, Album 3, Album 4.  Photos from our 2013 Fair Olive Harvest tour on Facebook.


Join our 9th Annual Olive Harvest Festival!

                           THIS OLIVE HARVEST SEASON, CANAAN IS TURNING 10!

Ten years of fair trade in Palestine, ten years of building great and fruitful relationships, ten years of achievements, growth and success …

We are pleased to invite you to celebrate with us and our farmers our 9th Annual Harvest Festival/Jaru'a to be held on Canaan grounds in Burqin/Jenin on Friday, November 7th, 2014, where we will be celebrating Canaan's 10th anniversary and the 10th anniversary of the Palestine Fair Trade Association. See attached festival flyer for more details.

The festival, or Jaru’a, is a traditional end of harvest celebration giving gratitude for another year of abundance. Farmers, women producers, fair trade distributors, and international visitors gather together to celebrate the fruit of the season. Come and taste the delicious meal of Musakhan prepared by the local women cooperatives, enjoy the freshly baked Taboun bread with freshly pressed olive oil, and mint tea on bonfires!  See pictures from last year's Jaru'a here.

Canaan welcomes visitors to Palestine:                

Canaan welcomes Interfaith Peace-Builders to Jenin this November 2014, as part of the Olive Harvest Delegation.  Every year, the IFPB Olive Harvest Delegation visits Jenin for an uplifting farm stay and to share in the Jaru'a festivities with Canaan's empowered fair trade farmers and workers.  Registration closes July 15 for this fall's tour (October 25 to November 7, 2014).


Many tours stop at Canaan and the PFTA throughout the year.  Ask if your trip will.  Questions?  Contact us.  A comprehensive list of tours of Palestine can be found on the Friends of Sabeel - North America website under Alternative Travel Listing.

Run Across Palestine was February 2012.  On The Ground and the PFTA celebrate the Run Across Palestine. This ultra marathon is still raising funds and awareness for the fair trade olive farmers of Palestine, planting trees and providing scholarships for children of olive farmers.  The purpose of the Run was to help re-establish sustainable olive growing practices in Palestine, whose history, economy, culture and identity is rooted in the ancient olive tree.  On The Ground has the videos from this amazing adventure.  Or you can see them all here in HD.