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Fair trade encouraging intercultural communication


The Center for Peace and Justice/Center for Global Studies at George Fox University in Oregon has announced the winners of their Fair Trade Essay Contest. The contest was open to students from GFU and university students affiliated with Canaan Fair Trade in Palestine. There were three winners, a $250 grand prize and two runner-ups at $50 each.  The winners were three Palestinian university students (see above photo from left to right):

Essay winner: Haneen Sami Al_Ayasi (Arab American University)

Honorable mention: Arren Amer Abo-shhaddh (AN-Najah National University)

Honorable mention: Neveen Habaybeh (Al-najah University)

The winning students were recognized and received their prizes at the Annual Olive Harvest Festival November 4, 2011 in Jenin.  See photo of the winning essay writers above.



By our interfaith partner FOSNA (Friends of Sabeel - NA)

Taste Canaan Fair Trade olive oil and have great speakers and workshops at these regional educational conferences in 2014:

Pleasant Hill, CA_March 21 & 22
Voices for Justice & Peace in the Holy Land
Philadelphia, PA_March 28 & 29
The Role of the US in Israel-Palestine:  Current Realities and Creative Responses
Portland, OR__April 4 & 5
Seeds of Justice and Hope for Palestinians and Israelis